We’re out of action until we’re allowed to re-open, but we’re all still around in the community if you need help.

Stay safe, stay distant, but stay social and don’t struggle alone, we are community.


A moving, organic, seasonal mix of the things we love – rhythms of life and faith, surf, music, arts, coffee, ecology, gardening, health and wellbeing, education, and many hundreds of stories and relationships….

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What's up?

New guest coffee

When Murray from Sunday Collab came in to see us we told him the story of our award winning coffee, Tubetime, and how it had been developed with our friends at local micro-roaster Hands-On whose uncle owns the farm in Brazil where 50% of the beans in the blend come from. It’s our own ...

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Jesus in a Dressing Gown | July 5th

Tubestation Polzeath 'Re-opening the wells...' Gen 26.18 The kitchens are cleaned and stocked...the garden is trimmed and tidy... the decks have been sprayed... the staff are keen and eager...and all germs have been sent to the abyss so now... WE are OPEN! Cafe only to start...but come ...

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Jesus in a Dressing Gown | 31st of May (copy 18)

Tubestation Polzeath A note from Alistair We are opening Saturday July 4^th and July 5^th 10.00 – 4.00 Then…Wednesdays – Sundays every week through the summer Volunteers needed for simple tidying up duties from 10.00am 1st, 2nd, 3rd July on site So glad to be able to confirm that the ...

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