“Life is not meant to be a perpetual game of trivial pursuits, it is far more glorious than that” ~ David Adam


A moving, organic, seasonal mix of the things we love – rhythms of life and faith, surf, music, arts, coffee, ecology, gardening, health and wellbeing, education, and many hundreds of stories and relationships….

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What's up?

Promoting Intertidal Sciences, Conservation & Education Studies | blog | 2nd Oct | Dr Mike Kent

Early in September, I was on the coast path between Polzeath and Pentire Point. Summer was over; school had started; the smell of autumn was in the air. Except for the occasional late-flowering thrift, most of the spring and summer flowers had gone, leaving the slopes a grubby green-brown. The ...

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Tube News | Oct 17th

Tubestation Polzeath Storm Callum rides through Polzeath was hit with high winds and high tides over the weekend, causing a little anxiety for local businesses as boats broke their moorings and lifeguard huts were shifted around by the mighty power of the sea. Following the stormy weekend ...

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Tube News | Oct 10th

Tubestation Polzeath Yeah Gabi and Robin!!! Ah, Polzeath loves a wedding! We don't have many here but when we do, they're extra special! Saturday was one such occasion when two people who are very dear to us tied the knot - Gabi and Robin, now Mr & Mrs Askwith yeeeeeww!!! Such a privilege to ...

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