“Life is not meant to be a perpetual game of trivial pursuits, it is far more glorious than that” ~ David Adam


A moving, organic, seasonal mix of the things we love – rhythms of life and faith, surf, music, arts, coffee, ecology, gardening, health and wellbeing, education, and many hundreds of stories and relationships….

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What's up?

Roots & Fruits : Design ideas for inspiration

  For more information on our Roots & Fruits development plan, click here  

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Can You Be A Good Person Without God?

Come and join us for this mega event that is taking place on Saturday 18th January at the Swan Hotel in Wadebridge. Refreshments, discussion, community...all welcome, spread the word and see you there, yewww! ============================================================ Our mailing address ...

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Sunday 12th January

This Sunday there will be no service at the Tubestation, but we will be joining the service at Rock Methodist Church at 11am. Alistair will be speaking and Gareth Dix will be leading worship. It'll be a great opportunity to get together with our wider church family, we look forward to ...

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