“Life is not meant to be a perpetual game of trivial pursuits, it is far more glorious than that” ~ David Adam


A moving, organic, seasonal mix of the things we love – rhythms of life and faith, surf, music, arts, coffee, ecology, gardening, health and wellbeing, education, and many hundreds of stories and relationships….

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What's up?

Promoting Intertidal Sciences, Conservation & Education Studies | blog | 12th Sept | Dr Mike Kent

Earth is the true water world of our solar system. Thanks to David Attenborough and the BBC natural history team, most of us are aware that we live on a Blue Planet with over 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface being seawater. If asked how many oceans there are on Earth, people of my […]

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Tube News | Sept 12th

Tubestation Polzeath Drifting into September feels like taking a deep breath. Locals come back out to play, Seasonnaires are still around and everyone seems to have a little more time for the important things in life, like each other! It's also a time when we start to say fond farewells to ...

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Tube News | Aug 29th

Tubestation Polzeath August Bank Holiday just happened - the BIG ONE! The Cornish service industry hit overdrive, and does anywhere get busier than dear old Polzeath?! Wow! For any of you that were here on Sunday and couldn't get into the building for our Sunday Session, we're sorry! Here is ...

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