We share the richness and depth of life’s journey and improve our own walk by practicing some simple rhythms of life; spiritual disciplines which have ancient origins but which help us as we navigate today’s world. Feel free to join us




Meditation is about bringing the mind to rest in the heart. We are currently meditating through the depth of human response that appears in the Psalms.



Prayer changes things. Or as Mother Theresa said, “Prayer changes us, and we change things.” We are encouraged to pray without ceasing, so that even our breathing and the beating of our hearts becomes a prayer.



Fasting is an ancient discipline which helps us to focus. We can fast different things – food; screens; social media; even surfing!



Learning continues throughout our lives as we improve ourselves by studying, and it helps to study together and gain from each other’s insight. Sunday Sessions 10am and home groups throughout the week




If you would like more information on any of the above, including how you can begin to participate in rhythms of life yourself, please contact us