Roots & Fruits


Welcome to Tubestation’s small-steps development plan for 2019 and beyond. As the story progresses it will be told here in words and pictures…




Pt 1

Sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest impact. For many years we have been listening to the needs of our community and looking at what we might do to provide the best for them.


Already this year we have made a number of small adjustments that help shape the Tubestation slightly better as we journey forwards. Some are visible, such as the new roof and solar power; some are less so – fitting the fastest broadband available, starting a new intern programme, becoming a ‘plastic-free community’. Together each small change adds up to a big difference.





Roots and Fruits is about taking small steps to strengthen what we offer, and branching out into our fuller potential. We have heard the call for quiet space, for prayer, contemplation and counselling; community work space, room for teaching and study; greater capacity for larger groups; compact accommodation for travelling staff and volunteers; as well as improving the kitchen so that it can continue to provide the hospitality for which the Tubestation is so well known.


This year we are going to move forward on some of these things, by fundraising and getting to work, so that little by little over the coming years we might see a natural development with deeper roots that serves our community even more beautifully.



Thank you for your support


Pt 2

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