World Oceans Day - June 8th - 14th

Despite map names suggesting otherwise, we have only one World Ocean, but it is gigantic. Anyone dipping his or her toe into the sea at Polzeath is in contact with a global marine system. Drop a piece of plastic or a message-in-a-bottle into the sea and it could reach any coastal location in the world.

The World Ocean plays a critical role in our biosphere and our lives, it provides oxygen to breathe, food to eat and medicines to make us better. It is also a great source of inspiration, recreation, and relaxation.

In recognition of its importance, the United Nations General Assembly has designated June 8th World Oceans Day. It is a day of global celebration when people get together to remember the role the ocean has in everyday life.

We at Tubestation are joining in the celebrations by hosting a series of events starting on Saturday June 8th with interactive displays. The following week celebrations continue with worship, walking, beach-cleaning, singing, learning, and eating events. Everyone is welcome… and it is free!

For those of us who are Christians, I hope that the events will remind us that the World Ocean is not ours to do with what we like, but that it is a part of God’s creation for which we share responsibility. And I also hope that World Oceans Day and the following week will be a time which will inspire us to give praise for the ocean’s beauty and bounty, repent for the damage we do to the seas and its life, and help us work towards being better stewards of this vital part of God’s Blue Planet.